Hose for anything that flows”

Superior Hose and Fittings, Inc. is a company dedicated to serving you. We provide quality hose
and fittings as well as many other industrial products to fit your needs best.

Superior Hose & Fittings, Inc. excels in the fabrication and distribution of a full range of
industrial hose and fittings; hydraulic hose, fittings and adapters; metal hose and Teflon®-lined
hose assemblies; rubber and metal expansion joints, and hose accessories.
A Word about Safety
In a highly competitive environment it is not unusual to see vendor reduction as a way to reduce costs in the supply chain. However, we have also seen that trend carried one step further where rubber products, especially hose assemblies, are lumped into an integrated supply contract as a commodity. When that happens not only is product expertise sacrificed but the safety of plant personnel is also put at an increased risk. For that reason we strongly urge all of our customers to factor in the cost of that increased risk when considering an Integrator vs. a Rubber Specialist.